Do you feel torment in your muscle while doing the activity Why do you suspect as much?

Everybody gets energy through food and exercise. Exercise is required to be done on daily basis to stay fit and healthy and exercise in one way gives energy and also keeps you active all time. Due to the pandemic, People started to concentrate on their health and started doing exercise for keeping themselves fit. When you start your exercise routine, initially there will be body pain or muscle pain, this is because muscles become stiff when there is less activity to it and when the body becomes suddenly becomes active by workouts, the muscles undergo compressions and stretches which causes slight body aches and muscle cramps in the body. Muscle soreness is a good sign after a workout since muscles start rejuvenating and when muscles become active, the unwanted fat collection in the body will be avoided. Muscle cramps is being one of the medical mysteries which happens due to a lack of lactic acid production in the body which gradually increases through workouts. Sometimes, the lack of blood flow creates cramps where the muscles won't be getting the required oxygen which further helps for the better functioning of muscles. The body pain stays for 3 to 4 days of your initial workout but gradually the body gets adjusted to the exercise and muscles become active which can reduce illness and also help in increasing oxygen supply to the body. On the other hand, it is important not to push beyond the body’s strength limits because these may cause severe muscle cramps which may take more time to cure. When there is overtraining to the muscles than required, the muscle may get damaged and muscles gradually reduce to absorb nutrients that are required to the muscle. These muscle cramps may cause an imbalance of electrolytes. By proper exercise routines and balanced diets, one can avoid having muscle cramps. These muscle cramps may appear to be serious issues but will gradually reduce by a disciplined routine of exercise and proper intake of nutrients and also proper rest to the body.

By Anusha

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