Learning is considered to be more than just acquiring information?

Learning does not mean to acquire knowledge, the simplest meaning of learning is to acquire knowledge and skills. Mostly, we do not emphasize on the habits, values, wisdom and beliefs which are the basics of Education. Learning brings positive changes which lasts in human life and behavior. Learning would make us to contribute to the society in a positive and meaningful manner which would establish unity for all.

Education is regarded as the catalyst which can help in the reduction of poverty, prevent needless death and illness, elimination of gender inequality, improve health and would create a sustainable environment. Education provides people with skills which would help them to come out from poverty.

Most of our learning comes from the experiences, perceptions which is gained from information that we face throughout our life. Experiences in life bring with it opportunities to learn. Learning occurs when we grasp a gain in the topic. It is found that we learn when we are provided with respect and are not talked down ignorantly. People learn when they interact or communicate about the issues with others. We learn best when the results are made clear and demonstrated after the learning experience.

Learning is something that involves further more than thinking which concerns the whole personality like feelings, intuition, beliefs, senses, values and will. It can be understood that if a person learns, he is changed in some ways and if the learning does not make any difference, then it is just random thoughts which swims in our consciousness.

Learning requires to connect with some needs like personal need and identifying and recognizing which would enable to understand whether the learning was worthy and successful or not.

Learning can not be observed directly in others, it can be found in the results. Learning puts forward the changes in a manner that we act, think and feel about us and the world around us. Learning can be permanent or temporary, it depends on the perception and relevance of the knowledge.

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