The practices of a shared vision create a suitable environment.

A shared vision is defined as a vision shared by the members of an organization. It can be seen that shared vision is closely related to organizational learning. A shared vision creates a suitable environment. This dream can be made true if the objective is to energize the team, gain their commitment, and provide direction, which would lead us towards involving others in the process of creation. Only then would be the time when the vision would become "the team's vision" or "our vision". A shared vision would lead us to attain big goals. Revolutionary visionaries share several characteristics, which include openness, imagination, conviction, and persistence. These help them to take people on their side and move forward to achieve success to bring about large-scale change. There would be many advantages, like commitment, engagement, and diversity of thought, when others are involved in the creation of a vision. There would be a disadvantage where it would take more time and become messy. A shared vision can be achieved if the vision statement is put on the front and center. A shared vision is meant for the generation of a clear organizational plan and for advancing towards the needed changes in the organization to achieve the desired outcome. A shared vision also guides us in preserving and making changes. It is a prime feature in this fast-changing world where change can be expected. The main basis of shared vision is the crucial foundation for learning actively.

The shared vision is important for organizational learning because it gives simple guidance for the needs of knowledge. A shared vision helps in determining the knowledge needed and the acquisition of it, as well as the activities that should be encouraged. A shared vision also encourages only the relevant and appropriate knowledge to be acquired and circulated later in the organization to achieve the business goals. Another benefit of having a shared vision is that employees in the company can provide decisions that are synergistic with the business outcome of the organization.

It can be said that a shared vision can set the broad outline for the strategic development of an organization, which would probably create a suitable environment.

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