Where do you think the world is going in terms of technology?

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The word 'technology' may be a 10 letter word, but it is part and parcel of our everyday lives and we can do complicated things with the touch of a button makes it more easily accessible to us.

As we go forward into this 21st century, our lives have changed so much that for some people, their days begin and end with their smartphones, where technology continues to breathe.

Technology has become the stimulus for their daily existence in different fields.

Delivery of food

Earlier if we were starving or tired of eating you need to walk through the restaurants sometimes it would be far from residence or sometimes in occupied schedules cannot reach to the places were famous and good taste restaurant will be rush for the food and sometimes at night if we feel to have food what we wish can simply be at our doorsteps with zomato and swiggy with food app ordering it is so fast and in forthcoming ages technology coming with a drone would be the vehicle for transporting the food or medication through the airborne drone with lesser time.

Entertainment with social media & Messaging

The technology grew with the different introduction of apps for such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat

Instagram has been trending for the younger it has been a platform for the few to show their talents for a few it's just getting entertainment with reels posts and being socializing with people around the world. Snapchat has given the way for the filters of different faces to enjoy how you like and snap every moment and share the daily updates of your life.

WhatsApp and other messaging app technology has given the way to connect to the family and friends with the delivery of the message in nanoseconds and can see them with video call and Wi-Fi calls them whenever we want. The platform has now extended to incorporate games, voice notes, and many app connections to share data more rapidly, in addition to exchanging messages videos, and emoticons.


The technology has bought such a change with a simple watch with the minute and second hands have been evolved with touch screen watches with the features having WhatsApp, receive notification, set alarm call and text directly can even check the heartbeat, can count how steps you have walked within a day can even analyze many things with the sensor a small touch can show many things it acts as the emergency responders.

Series 4 Apple Watches and subsequent versions feature built-in fall detection. This means that emergency assistance will be immediately summoned when the device detects a fall. Apple Watch technology can be used to initiate manual emergency calls worldwide as well as respond automatically to calls made by Apple Watch.

As above mentioned considering a few field examples as the technology now heading towards future enhancement making the things much more easier and fastly available

Mobile :

In the upcoming days, we are already running with 5G in 2025-2030 enhanced connectivity goes with 6g mobile ahead with the new interfaces sensors with upgraded and new streamlining app will rule the internet connectivity.


virtual currency bitcoin has already been in the use might vanish the usage of hard cash and coin and as already transactions of the cash through an app like Paytm or phone reduced the cash now streamlining of the bitcoin.


All the security system that has been updated from the traditional password to fingerprint might be enhanced with the facial part or eye recognization lock to have data privacy and security.


AI machine learning and robotics which changed the thinking and service way upcoming future has a great Roberts replacing humans work.

Cloud :

Recently storage of data was limited introduction of the cloud computing technology allowed accessing automatic updates, unlimited storage capacity, data security, mobility.

Prons with technologies have improved the world, everything can get and happen within a fraction of seconds but this exploration of technologies in new fields have somewhere lost the value of life with being automatic and robotic life make the feeling and bonding within the person to nill emotion replacement of the human small works with technologies

leads to a health issue and even losing the job with these machines.

By Priyanka

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